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Talent Rediscovery automatically finds, connects with, and retargets your most qualified candidates, so you can focus on hiring.
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Talent Discovery: 
get the best brand new candidates

Our discovery algorithms automatically match your jobs to our pool of over 100 million candidates, who then apply directly to your jobs. You'll never use job boards again!

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for small businesses to enterprises

Talent Rediscovery: 
find the best candidate matches in your ATS

Rediscovery algorithms use artificial intelligence to match the candidates already in your ATS with your open jobs—instantly. Your best candidates are hiding in plain sight!

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Restless Bandit Endorsed by
LinkedIn, Johnson & Johnson

Why Restless Bandit?

In a word: intelligence. Our algorithms use artificial intelligence and thousands of
data points to find the most qualified matches for your open jobs.

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How many well-matched candidates do you have right now?  

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Congrats—looks like you have at least [X*Y] good candidates in your ATS

And with [Z] open reqs, you have an average of [X*Y/Z] good candidates per req.

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