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Restless Bandit's algorithms find the best candidates you already have, reach
out to them automatically, and retarget them on the web

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Simplify your firm's workflow

Staffing firms face a unique set of challenges. You have a massive resume pile, and an equally daunting volume of job descriptions.

Add to that the scores of different companies you’re hiring for, and… your team basically has to be superhuman, keeping up with all those parts.

With Restless Bandit's algorithms, they don’t have to be.
Better search

See past the keywords

There are a lot of different words for the same skill sets. Talent Rediscovery eliminates the keyword guessing game. It knows that a candidate who lists Apache in their skill set probably also knows Java. And it knows that a barista who worked at the Java Jungle probably isn’t the software engineer you’re looking for.

Automatic screening

The best candidates, prequalified

Talent Rediscovery automatically finds the best-matched candidates you already have for all of your open requisitions. Filter and sort them any way you want, or just set it and forget it, and have results emailed to you.

email automation & Analytics

Automate your email outreach

Recruiting has a lot of the same needs as sales and marketing. But until now, you didn’t have the powerful email automation tools they rely on every day.

With Restless Bandit's email automation, you can set up email campaigns tailored to each req, track open and click rates, and even set how many days you’d like to wait for each follow-up email to be sent.

profile Enrichment

Keep it fresh: no more outdated resumes

All those resumes in your ATS are a huge investment—you’ve spent a lot of time and money to get them. But as soon as you bring them in, they start to decay; candidates add new skills, get promotions, and change jobs all the time.

Resume Refresh protects your investment by automatically enriching and updating the resumes in your database.

Talent Discovery: Candidates on demand

Brand new candidates anytime

Even with all the great candidates in your ATS, there are likely to be times you want to bring in some new ones.

Maybe you're working with a client in a new industry, or you just want to freshen up your existing database. With Talent Discovery, you can use the same powerful algorithms—and all the same features—as Talent Rediscovery to bring in and engage with brand new, highly qualified candidates anytime you want.


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Why Restless Bandit?

Your ATS is a gold mine of talent, but there’s no easy way to search it.

If you’re like most staffing firms, you open a new req for the same or similar job descriptions over and over, instead of tapping the rich talent pool of great candidates you already have.

Restless Bandit uses Talent Rediscovery algorithms to find the best-matched candidates whose resumes you already have. And it integrates seamlessly with your ATS.