Find the best talent in your ATS

Talent Rediscovery is a full-spectrum software platform with everything you need—
from rediscovering and retargeting your best candidates to enriching
and deduping your data.
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Talent Rediscovery already connects easily with these ATS systems, and many others

How Talent Rediscovery works for you


Talent Rediscovery algorithms automatically find the best candidates you already have in your ATS, so you can:

  • Reduce time to hire by 40%

  • Boost candidate response by 14x

  • Eliminate unconscious bias

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Restless Bandit puts the advantages of powerful email automation in your hands. It lets you easily reach out to scores of passive candidates automatically, while also providing a personal touch and seeing metrics like open, click, and
reply rates.

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Restless Bandit sets up ads your candidates will see when they surf the web or spend time on Facebook, to remind them of your interest and to reapply to your company for that specific role.

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Resume Refresh protects your talent pool investment by automatically updating the resumes in your database. It periodically searches for and enriches them using publicly available data.

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Restless Bandit's intelligent algorithms can instantly tell which profiles in your ATS are unique candidates (even if they have the same name),
and which are just  different versions of the
same profile.

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Why Restless Bandit?

Your ATS is a gold mine of talent, but there’s no easy way to search it.

If you’re like most enterprise companies, you open a new req for the same or similar job descriptions over and over, instead of tapping the rich talent pool of great candidates already in your ATS.

Restless Bandit uses Talent Rediscovery algorithms to find the best-matched candidates whose resumes you already have. And it integrates seamlessly with your ATS.